Hotel Playground

The Tourist Hotel Bungoma has become a favorite family spot for residents of the Western region with families enjoying Saturday afternoons in the serene environment of the Hotel or Sunday afternoons after attending church to soak in the message and unwind before the busy week.

Thanks to the innovative management team, a safe and fantastic playground has been set up with a Ferris wheel and Bouncing castles adorning the hotel’s backyard.

Parents and guardian’s can enjoy the hotel facilities while comfortably keeping an eye on their treasured young because the playground is located at a vantage point that’s visually accessible from all the key areas of the hotel.

This weekend, bring the family and friends along and let the kids enjoy among their peers while you have a good time with yours!

Tourist-Hotel-Bungoma-Childrens'-Playground-with-Ferris-Wheel-and-Bouncing-Castles--2 Tourist-Hotel-Bungoma-Childrens'-Playground-with-Ferris-Wheel-and-Bouncing-Castles-1

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