One of the things that sets Tourist Hotel Bungoma apart is our dedication to serving only the highest quality food, using the finest seasonal ingredients and sourcing the best produce available to us. The spacious kitchen at Tourist Hotel Bungoma. The kitchen is unique in as much as it has a separate vegetarian section and a separate pork section. This is the only kitchen in the region where muslims will find real Halal cooking.

The hotel is bringing to Bungoma County unparalleled Catering and dining services that will see the introduction of Vegetarian Cuisine with a completely separate Kitchen for the purpose. It is also introducing Halal cooking for the Muslim Customers whose Kitchen is also separate.


Dinner served from 5:30pm to 10:30pm Monday through Thursday, 5:30pm to 11pm Friday and Saturday, and 5:30pm to 10pm Sunday.


Lunch served from 12pm to 2pm weekdays


Brunch is served from 11am – 2:30pm on Saturday and Sunday


Breakfast served from 7am to 10am daily.




Hungarian Beef Goulash

Hot soup prepared from diced beef meat,

Brunoise of Green pepper, carrots, potatoes,

Onions, spread with cayenne pepper

African Bone Soup 

Well spiced with chunks of meat on bone                                                                                                                                                  



Southern Fried Chicken

Served with exotic mild paprika sauce

Fried Calf Liver

Well seasoned,fried and served with onion sauce

Pork chops

Grilled and served with BBQ sauce

All dishes served with either ugali, Buttered rice, roast potatoes, French fries and seasoned vegetables.


Spicy beef samosa                 (3 Pieces)

Vegetables samosa                (3 Pieces)

Beef sausage                          (pair)



Small Platter

Gizzards, chicken wings, choma sausage

Medium platter

Gizzards, chicken wings, fish fingers, choma

Sausages, Mini steak

 Large Platter

Gizzards, chicken wings, fish fingers, choma

Sausages, Mini steak

All platters served with either French fries, Roast potatoes, ugali and kachumbari.


Full chicken                   – Boiled, choma, stew or fried

½ chicken                      – Boiled, choma, stew or fried

½ chicken                      – Boiled, choma, stew or fried

½ Kienyeji                      – Boiled, stew

1 kg Beef Ribs               – Boiled, Choma stew or Fried

½ Kg Beef Ribs              – Boiled, Choma stew or Fried

1 Kg Goat meat            – Boiled, Choma stew of Fried

½ Kg Goat meat           – Boiled, Choma stew of Fried

Whole Tilapia               – Dry Fried or Stewed




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