Tourist Hotel Bungoma excels in creating unique gatherings, and its events team can organize and customize every detail, from invitations to menus.

So whether you’re relaxing after a meeting or getting together with friends for special drinks, the intimate and timeless surroundings, coupled with the bartender’s knowledge, make it an unforgettable experience.

Our menu features various cocktails and alcoholic beverages, hot and soft drinks.

At the Club Oval Bar we also offer cocktails and private events.

For more details, please contact us at or call +254 725702275 / +254 55 203 0996.


Tusker Can 500ML
Tusker Lager 500ML
Tusker Lite Can 500ML
Tusker Lite 330ML
Tusker Malt Lager 330ML
Tusker Malt Can 500ML
Pilsner Lager 500ML
Pilsner Ice Lager 500ML
White Cap Lager 500ML
White Cap Lite 330ML
Guiness 500ML
Guiness 300ml
Guiness Can 500ML
Smirnoff Ice Black 330ML
Smirnoff Ice Can 330ML
Smirnoff Ice Guarana
Heineken Lager
Redd’s Can 330ML
Redd’s Bottle 330ML

Lime Cordial
Alvaro Can
Coke 300ML
Diet Coke 500ML
Coke Zero 500ML
Fanta Orange 300ML
Fanta Pineapple 300ml
Sprite 300ML
Ginger Ale 300ML
Krest Soda Water
Krest Bitter Lemon 300ML
Stoney 300ML
Tonic Water 200ML
Red Bull
Dasani 1000ML
Dasani 500ML
Keringet 1000ML
Keringet 500ML

J.Walker Black 750ML
J.Walker Red 750ML
J.Walker Red 350ML
J.Walker Red 250ML
Jamesons 750ML
Jamesons 375ML
Jamesons 200ML
Famous Grouse 750ml
Famous Grouse Tots
Famous Grouse 250ml
Famous Grouse 375ml
J&B 750ml
J&B 375ml
J&B 250ml
Viceroy Brandy 750ml
Viceroy Brandy 350ml
Viceroy Brandy 250ml
Richot Brandy 750ml
Richot Brandy 350ml
Richot Brandy 250ml
VAT 69 750ML
VAT 69 375ML
Bond 7 750ml
Bond 7 375ml
Bond 7 250ml
Hunters choice 750ML

Three Barrel 750ML
Gilbeys Gin 750ml
Gilbeys Gin Tots
Gilbeys Gin 350ml
Gilbeys Gin 250ml
Gordons Gin 750ml
Smirnoff Vodka 750ml
Smirnoff Vodka 350ml
Smirnoff Vodka 250ml
Tequila Camino 750ML
Tequila Rose 750ML
Kenya Cane 750ml
Kenya Cane 350ml
Kenya Cane 250ml
Myers Rum 750ml
Cellar Cask Red 5ltrs
Cellar Cask Red 750ml
Cellar Cask White 5ltrs
Cellar Cask White 750ml
Caprice 1ltr
Penasol Tetra 1ltr
Drostdy hof 750ML
Martel 700ML

Amarula 750ml
Amarula Tots
Amarula 375ml
Baileys 750ml
Baileys 350ml
Southern Comfort
Zappa 750ml Blue
Zappa 750ml Green
Zappa 750ml Red
Zappa 750ml Clear
V&A 750ml
V&A 250ml
Martini extra dry 750ml
Martini Rosso 750ml
Martini Bianco 750ml
Lime Cordial
High Life Sherry 750ml
Malibu Rum 750ml
Barcadi Rum 750ML

Inspite of the more superior facilities being offered at Club Oval the Developers took a decision not to charge entrance fees and also maintained the same Bar prices as are found in other Bars in Bungoma town.

A part from the main Kitchen, the development have provided for a Night Club Kitchen at the Club to serve Patron’s meals and snacks.

The roof top at the Club will become the most popular venue for Cocktail parties, Sundowner and special occasions for Companies and their employees


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